Latest SEO Trends

The Search Engine Optimization industry is filled with speculation due to the many changes that the Google search algorithm sees. Digital marketers are striving to not just keep up with the trends but design their websites in such a way that it would be relevant for a longer time. The following list gives the latest trends in SEO and how they would affect your business.

  1. Quality content: Although this is not exactly the latest trend, the importance of having engaging and informative content in your website is increasing and this trend would most likely continue. The intention of search engines like Google is to provide the best websites and pages which are related to the keywords that a user has searched. As users tend to spend more time on webpages which are easy to navigate and have interesting content, these websites tend to rank higher.

  1. Responsive web design: Having a web design which is mobile friendly is an absolute necessity now. More people than ever are using smartphones to browse the internet and mobile-friendly sites rank higher than other sites due to improved interface with touch devices and adaptive font sizes. To help users build more mobile friendly sites, Google has a “mobile-friendly test” tool which gives a report of how mobile-friendly your website is.

  1. Long-tail keywords: The focus on conversational phrases instead of keywords would continue to grow as search engines would rely more on the context, meaning and intent in a search query instead of focusing on individual words.

  1. Online security: Websites, blogs and other online content are scrutinized by search engines to check the amount of security they provide to users. The webpages which are more secure, especially the ones who have “https” links instead of “http” links, are given priority over less secure ones.

  1. Social engagement: Your website should not only have great content, but it should allow users to interact and discuss amongst themselves. Websites that support conversations and other interactive services generate more traffic and have a higher probability of keeping people on the page for a longer time.

The world of Search Engine Optimization is seeing many changes, but all of these are aimed towards improving the experience of a user when accessing the right content with the right query. With time, as digital marketers keep up with the changes and make websites more efficient, the internet would see a higher number of excellent websites.

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