Business Development Steps Product Sales

This business development steps is designed to increase brand awareness and product sales. We assembled these steps to increase chances of success and remove any unnecessary steps that could end up costing you money. 

Product Release (If Have Budget, If not skip to Step 2)

  • Come up with Product ideas
  • Test Product Ideas
  • Choose product
  • Design labels and product
  • Source product

Authority Site

  • Find A Domain
  • Pick Articles
  • Write or outsource articles


  • Onsite SEO check up
  • Link Building
  • PBN (Private Blog Network)

Email Marketing

  • Choose Marketing System
  • Setup Forms
  • A/B Test

Social Marketing & Outreach

  • Pick Social Accounts
  • Post Regular Blogs posts
  • Repost Similar Authority Sites
  • Record their information for future use

Affiliate Marketing Design & Outreach

  • Pick Affiliate Marketing
  • Design Marketing
  • Create List of possible Affiliates
  • Regularly Reach out to Affiliates

Retail Store Outreach

  • Figure out target Audience from sale
  • Create statistics, Marketing info & account contracts
  • Create list for possible stores
  • Reach out to possible store
  • Set tasks to re contact possible accounts