About Action Junky

After owning Action Junky for almost 10 years, it finally has a purpose. I have developed many websites and have always wanted Action Junky to be a special Niche. Actionjunky.com has always been on a pedestal and because of my fear of failing, it has never done anything. To date it has had many purposes and none of them have really amounted to anything, that changes now. We are moving on from our Development Company and moving on to teaching others to building, developing and motivating others to make it on their own.

Action Junky is being developed to help everyone learn at any stage how to Start, Grow or Save a business. Our main focus will be on Digital Market, but I will occasionally touch on other topics such as Web Development, Books, Guerrilla Marketing and many other topics that can affect a business.

My name is Adam Goodman writer and blogger of Action Junky.  As an expert on starting businesses of all types, I acknowledge my weaknesses. Marketing and White Hat SEO are among some of my many weaknesses and plan to perfect them while helping others on this Authority site. Action Junky plans on offering posts for people with Various Learning styles( Visual, Auditory, Read & Write and Kinesthetic). I have found many blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos and books on these topics, yet have I found a single source that actually teaches what you need for success. Since I am learning along with everyone, all content on Action Junky will be completely free. On occasion I will offer affiliate links for tools that I use and other monetization sources.

Feel free to reach out to me in regards to topics, corrections and any other recommendations you may have.

Move Forward with Action Junky!

Adam Goodman