5 Things Every Small Business Website Needs

Small businesses would operate over a relatively limited geographical area and provide their services or products to the local people who approach them. If their service or product is useful and relevant, they would enjoy a much higher rate of growth than small businesses could before the power of the internet could be harnessed.

With the strong user base of social media websites and user generated content, the internet has a huge effect on the revenue and rate of growth that a small business sees. The following five things are what every business would have to have on their website so that they can keep up with the competition.

  1. Blog: A blog gives people a lot more information about your service or products than the pieces of information you publish on your website. Having a blog gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience and provide them with rich content.

  1. Social media links: Your presence on the social media is a strong influencer of how well your business does in the long run. Having a large number of followers and fans helps you build your reputation and also drive your revenue.

  1. Mobile-compatibility: The number of people accessing the internet through the cellphone is seeing an exponential growth. Your website would have to be mobile-friendly if you want your customers to have a great experience while browsing through it. This would also help you rank higher in the search lists of search engines as people tend to spend more time on sites which are easier to navigate and read.

  1. Photographs, videos and other media: Your customers would want to know more about your business and the employees who make it work. Adding videos about employee experiences, inside stories, inspiration, purpose and other such aspects about your company will go a long way in building up a reputation.

  1. Contact information and Map: Your contact information should have to include all the different ways a person would want to get in touch with you. That means all your social media sites, your email, phone number and even your location. Your exact location can be added by using the “Map” function in Google, so that people have a better idea about how to reach you.

The sheer number of people that your business would appeal to with a well-maintained online profile would help spread the word about your service and products. This can open up interesting avenues of partnerships, long-term orders and other such opportunities of increasing your revenue.

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