3 Low-Budget Online Marketing Strategies

Small businesses generally do not have the funds to invest in a comprehensive online marketing strategy, but that does not mean that they would be completely incapacitated in this regard. There are many things that you can do on the internet, which require little or no funds and which can generate a good response in terms of revenue. These three budget friendly strategies can help you gain plenty of publicity and generate a strong online following.

  1. Social media: The power of reaching out to an unprecedented number of people is truly understood when you have a strong presence on a social media website. Most of the popular services like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram are free. This gives you the opportunity to create different types of interesting content for your customers, clients and fans. You would need to engage your customers by using visual media like videos and photographs so that they are as engaging as possible. With creating content related to your business and about the people who make your business work, you would be able to have people get a better idea of who you are and what you are trying to achieve, and this in itself can garner a following.

  1. Use your location: For small businesses, the local people would be your most important customers. Your website, blog and other social media should contain information about your location and your marketing efforts would have to be aimed towards the people who are from your locality. An excellent move would be to have a local celebrity, or children endorse your brand, as this has a very positive effect on business. The addition of a familiar face to your brand personalizes it, which would drive up local sales.

  1. Optimize for search engines: Search engine optimization should be a very important part of your online marketing strategy as your brand becomes much more visible if it gets featured in the first page of the search list on Google. Google has guidelines to build websites which would behave well with their search algorithms, which would prove useful in creating your webpages.

It is very important to keep an eye on current events, especially the activities of your competitors as it would give you ideas for your own marketing strategy. Tweeting and posting updates about recent events generally gain a lot of attention as search engines tend to give new, relevant content more importance.

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